Aniseed Humbugs 120g x 15

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Wholesale Bagged Sweets

Aniseed Humbugs

120g Bags

NEW CASE SIZE! Case of 15 Bags

Vegetarian Sweets

Wholesale Prepacked Sweets

Aniseed Humbugs 120g in our range of wholesale prepacked sweets.

Traditional aniseed flavour boiled sweets with a sugar coating!

Available in a case of 15 bags.

Only 58p per bag, to earn you a profit margin of 30.4%

 These sweets are suitable for Vegetarians

Over 100 different varieties of sweets available in our Printed Film Bags range. 

Our range of printed film sweet bags are colourful and bright, and really stand out from the crowd! Great to display near your tills as grab bags, or use as part of a large confectionery range to grab your customers attention!

We sell a large range of wholesale sweets and don't forget its FREE DELIVERY for all orders over £250 including VAT.


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